What is Secondlife?

Clamore Solar’s Second Life focuses on providing users with preowned Solar equipment at a price that gets them powered by a good quality system without burning their pockets. Our goals are to provide a solution to both the entry level energy user and the seasoned user looking to upgrade their solar power systems.

How it works

The successful installation of new and the upgrade of solar systems is hinged on good quality equipment, materials and skills. So how does it work?

  • Clamore Solar offers a platform that allows existing solar energy users to upgrade their systems on a trade in basis. We take the high quality second hand equipment, assess it and give it a fair value. This agreed value is deducted from the final cost of the system upgrade acting as a sort of deposit for a larger power system. This offer is open to all good quality equipment even if not installed by Clamore Solar
  • In the second part of Second life, and as the old saying goes ” What’s old to me is new to someone else” . Clamore Solar offers the good quality second hand equipment removed from upgraded systems above to entry level users at a fair price, not too far from the price paid for the product.

Why do it

Second life offers its customers an efficient system for trading in your good quality second hand energy equipment for new equipment while affording other new customers the opportunity to enter the renewable energy world. The new customers can look to upgrade as well in the future using the same platform.

Second Life takes away the hustle of finding a customers for your existing system so you can upgrade and gives you immediate to qualified engineers and technicians to guide you on your journey to energy independence.

Therefore Second life offers a market place for those selling their equipment and those that are looking into buying that equipment also. Our customers can buy products on the marketplace or offer their own products on it irregardless of whether upgrading or not.


Clamore Solar offers warranties as with all good quality products but limited to the current condition of the second hand goods. Ours Second life warranties range from 3 months to 6 months. Extended warranties are available depending on the manufactures extended warranties policy and may cost extra.

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