Clamore Solar is introducing Usage-based payment model, for the egg incubation industry in Zimbabwe.

This involves customers prepaying for an incubator
for the period of incubation (21 days).
The customer pays via Eco cash into a prepaid
account and can use the the incubator
for the period to which they paid the incubator for.
Once the period lapses, the incubator is turned off by the ESP automatically
through a remotely managed control system
until the next payment is made. Just like the lease the
lease-to-own model, the customer owns
the incubator after an agreed period of time. The PAYG
usage-based payment model is beneficial to people that do not necessarily have the funds to pay the incubator all at once,
The payments are usually made via mobile credit,
by using USSD. The systems does
feature a remote monitoring system that can be
activated via mobile network connection once the payment has been received. These
are PAYG incubators with remote
monitoring systems, but they still have a SIM card
built in to allow Clamore solar ESP to shut them down remotely
if payments stop.

Our system is inhouse developed which gives Clamore solar the security for no temperance from externa;; l induvial or customers.

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